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The Best Drones for Every Budget 2022

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21 February 2022

The Best Drones for Every Budget in 2022

Drones have transformed the way we view the world. Operators can capture immersive moments in a breath-taking way.

With such a wide range of drones available on the market, it can be difficult to know which drone is right for you and your budget. Check out our top picks for every price point to help you decide.


What to Consider When Choosing a Drone

When deciding what drone is best suited to your needs, there are various aspects that should be considered.


1. Weight

If your drone weighs 250g or more, you’ll require a Flyer ID. This involves sitting an online multiple-choice exam to ensure that you can fly your drone safely. If you will be using your drone for professional purposes and you intend to use a range of payloads, this is a necessity. However, hobbyist drone flyers may instead opt for a great value drone that is under the 250g mark.


2. Camera Quality

The camera resolution you require depends on what you intend to use your drone footage for. More affordable options often have a lower resolution, but if you are simply using your footage for social media posts and the like, this should be sufficient. Alternatively, if you are looking to get more precise shots for commercial purposes, it will be well worth investing in a drone at a higher price point.


3. Battery Life

The maximum flight time of a drone varies greatly, ranging from several minutes to over 45 minutes. How long you will be flying your drone for should be accounted for when deciding what drone best suits your needs.


4. Transmission Range

A drone’s range refers to how much distance a drone can travel away from an operator without connection issues arising. The further the distance, the greater the creative freedom you will have. Depending on what you intend to use your drone for will determine how significant this is for you.


What Are the Best Drones for Every Budget?


1. Ryze Tello Powered by DJI

Drone Sales Ltd: £98.00


Weight: 80g

Camera Resolution: 5MP

Video Resolution: 720p

Battery Life: 13 minutes

Transmission Range: 100m


Produced in partnership between DJI and Ryze, the Tello is a portable and inexpensive drone that is great to learn the basics of drone flying. The 13-minute flight time is very reasonable for the price tag and its ability to perform aerial stunts makes this a fun drone to fly.

While the camera quality of this drone is lower in comparison to more expensive drones included in this guide, this drone was not designed with advanced features in mind. Nonetheless, if you are a beginner looking to master the basics of drone flying, this drone is ideally suited to you and is greater value for money than other models within this price range.


2. DJI Mavic Mini 2 Combo


DARe-3D Drone Hire: £50 per week

Drone Sales Ltd: £528.00


Weight: 249g

Camera Resolution: 12MP

Video Resolution: 4K/30fps

Battery Life: 31 minutes

Transmission Range: 10km


The Mavic Mini 2 weighs in at just 249g – a clever move by DJI – meaning a Flyer ID is not required to fly this drone. With an impressive battery life of 31 minutes, this compact drone offers many advanced features found on more expensive models without the large price tag.

With a 12-megapixel camera and the ability to record 4K videos, this drone can capture breath-taking aerial image and videos. Furthermore, with features including a GPS-based Return to Home option, you can fly this drone with confidence.

The innovative specs of this drone coupled with its lightweight nature and credible flying time makes this a great option at the lower end of the pricing scale.


3. DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo

DARe-3D Drone Hire: £95 per week

Drone Sales Ltd: £936.00 


Weight: 570g

Camera Resolution: 12MP & 48MP

Video Resolution: 4K/60fps

Battery Life: 34 minutes

Transmission Range: 10km


The DJI Mavic Air 2 takes aerial imaging to the next level. Don’t be fooled by its compact nature, the advanced features on this drone are impressive. Capture cinematic content with 4K/60fps video resolution while APAS 3.0 obstacle avoidance lets you fly safer. With up to 34 minutes of flight time and 10km video transmission, this drone lets you fly further for longer.

At a fraction of the price compared to other drones mentioned in this guide, this is a sound choice for many who want to capture shots in ultra-clear detail while flying smarter and safer.


4. Autel EVO II Pro V1

DARe-3D Drone Hire: £180 per week

Drone Sales Ltd: £1,779.00


Weight: 1150g

Camera Resolution: 20MP

Video Resolution: 6K/30fps & 4K/60fps

Battery Life: 40 minutes

Transmission Range: 9km


With the ability to shoot 6K video at 30fps, the camera quality of the Autel EVO II Pro drone is undeniable. Not to mention its 20-megapixel camera which coupled with its in-built gimbal makes for controlled, high-quality aerial photography.

This drone’s capabilities extend beyond photography and videography with an impressive 40-minute flight time and a 12-sensor omnidirectional obstacle avoidance which helps the EVO II navigate itself around the environment, allowing for stress-free flying.

Though on the higher end of the pricing scale, it is a more affordable option than similar drones from other manufacturers.


5. DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo

DARe-3D Drone Hire: £130 per week

Drone Sales Ltd: £2,424.00


Weight: 895g

Camera Resolution: 20MP

Video Resolution: 5.1K/50fps

Battery Life: 46 minutes

Transmission Range: 15km


With the slogan of ‘Image Above Everything’, the DJI Mavic 3 sets a new standard for content creation. Not only does this foldable and transportable drone boast a 20-megapixel camera which captures clear, quality shots but also has video capabilities of 5.1K at 50fps and 4K at 120fps. This enables smoother footage, more generous cropping possibilities and 120fps slow-motion.

With exceptional camera performance, advanced flight technologies and intelligent safety features, this drone is perfect for professional content creators.


6. DJI Phantom 4 RTK


DARe-3D Drone Hire: £350 per week

Drone Sales Ltd: £5,880.00


Weight: 1391g

Camera Resolution: 20MP

Video Resolution: 4K/30fps

Battery Life: 30 minutes

Transmission Range: 7km


With a maximum flight time of 30 minutes and a 20-megapixel camera with a 1” CMOS Sensor, the DJI Phantom 4 RTK revolutionises drone technology. Operators can achieve centimetre-accurate data while requiring fewer ground control points.

Enjoy a reliable HD image and a video transmission range of up to 7km. This drone leads the way for the next generation of mapping processes and aerial surveys with greater efficiency than ever before.


7. DJI Inspire 2


DARe-3D Drone Hire: £250 per week

Drone Sales Ltd (with Zenmuse X7): £6,999.00 


Weight: 4250g

Camera Resolution: 20MP

Video Resolution: 4K/30fps

Battery Life: 27 minutes

Transmission Range: 7km


The Inspire 2 takes everything good about the Inspire 1 and improves it. It is capable of going from 0-50mph in just 5 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 58mph. A dual battery system allows for a maximum flight time of 27 minutes (dependent on what camera it is paired with) while its self-heating technology lets it fly in colder temperatures.

Intelligent features include two-directional obstacle avoidance and Active Track, letting operators track objects from individuals to cars. With Smart Return to Home enabled as well, this drone is definitely worth investing more if using for more professional purposes.


8. DJI Matrice 300 RTK

DARe-3D Drone Hire: £600 per week

Drone Sales Ltd: £7,920.00


Weight: 3.6kg (without batteries); 6.3kg (with batteries)

Battery Life: 55 minutes

Transmission Range: 15km


The M300 RTK is the most versatile commercial DJI drone. With up to 55 minutes of flight time and the ability to carry up to 3 payloads at once with a maximum combined weight of 2.7kg, this DJI drone sets a new standard for drones. Combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivalled reliability, its AI capabilities and 6 directional sensing and positioning makes this drone great for conducting a wide range of applications including inspections and precision agriculture.



In a highly crowded market, it can be difficult to know the best drone best for your needs. Our guide has highlighted our top recommendations for every price point.

Admittedly if you are intending to use your drone for professional purposes, it is definitely worth investing in a more expensive drone with advanced capabilities. With that said, there are still many drones available at the lower end of the scale with intelligent features for their price point.


Instead of buying a drone, why not rent one? DARe-3D’s drone hire offers daily and weekly rentals for a range of drones and accessories from manufacturers including DJI, Autel Robotics and Yuneec. Access the latest drones and equipment available without the large price tag.

Alternatively, DARe-3D offer a wide range of drone services. Get in touch with us today to find out more. 

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