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The Benefits of Using Drones in Construction

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22 December 2021

The Benefits of Using Drones in Construction

In recent years, the construction industry has experienced a rise in drones being used to conduct operations. Using drones to facilitate tasks such as inspections and stockpile measurement proves more cost-effective than traditional manual methods and achieves highly accurate data.

In 2018, there was a 239% increase in the construction industry incorporating drones within operations. Given the variety of applications that drones can be used for and the numerous benefits they offer, it is unsurprising that drone technology is gaining increasing popularity within this field.


How Are Drones Being Used in Construction?

Drones are being used for a variety of operations including:

1. Inspections

Drones can be used to conduct asset inspections. Visual inspections are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to monitor a site’s progress, measure stockpiles and compare tangible builds to design plans.

Drones allow users to gather data and conduct inspections in a safe and easy way. Assets that require regular inspections include stockpiles, construction sites and safety conditions.


2. Thermal Imaging

Drones with thermal cameras can be used to conduct utility and building inspections. Thermal imaging measures surface temperatures so can identify electrical issues or detect leaks. For example, drones can be used to monitor assets including pipelines, powerlines, and solar panels. These provide vital information when trying to identify and rectify any weaknesses.


3. Surveys

Surveys assess the condition of towers, chimneys, bridges and roofs. High quality drones have the ability to zoom into specific areas, allowing for detailed surveys to be achieved and to detect any issues. Drones improve both accessibility and accuracy.


4. Construction Site Photography

Drones provide an aerial overview of a construction site. They can be used throughout each stage of a development, from planning and foundations through to completion, to monitor a project’s progress.

Once a project has been completed, drones can capture impressive shots from unique angles which can be used for promotional purposes.


5. Stockpile Measurement

Drones offer a cheaper and highly accurate method of managing stockpile volumes, allowing for areas such as quarries and landfills to be measured. Drone software enables this data to be used to create visual 2D maps and 3D models which can be analysed by the relevant parties.



What Are The Benefits of Using Drones in Construction?


1. Improve Safety

Replacing manual methods with drones reduces the risk factor involved in construction sites. Drones can access difficult to reach and potentially hazardous areas meaning individuals no longer need to put themselves at risk of harm. Instead, the drone operator remains at a safe distance which as a result, can minimise liability insurance costs.


2. Improve Data Accuracy

Drones in construction gather highly precise insights. By using drones in conjunction with accessories such as thermal and zoom cameras, operators can gain detailed data in much less time than it would take using traditional methods. Drones can be used to measure areas, volumes and distances in a short period of time.

Furthermore, drone flights can be undertaken on a regular basis, meaning progress can be monitored frequently and ensuring high quality data is achieved.


3. Increase Efficiency

As highly accurate insights are achieved, this has a positive influence on decision making. The affordable nature of drones facilitates repeat flights on a regular basis, ensuring data is consistent. This allows for better-informed decisions to be made and any potential problems to be identified and remedied more quickly.

Real-time data is collected which can be sent to shareholders who are not on site, resulting in improved communication and ultimately increased efficiency.


4. Save Time and Money

Across all stages of a construction project, the use of drones saves both time and money. Compared to manual methods, operations can be conducted more quickly. For example, visual inspections massively reduce asset downtime and eliminate the need for building temporary infrastructures. Consequently, this massively lowers costs and frees up finances to be used for more essential purposes.



It is clear why drones have been so widely adopted by the construction industry. The highly advanced nature of drone technology allows for drones to be used for a variety of applications while drones prove safer, more cost-efficient and offer more accurate data than traditional manual methods.

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