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Drones in Real Estate

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13 January 2022

Drones in Real Estate

Drones have been a welcome addition to the real estate industry. Aerial imaging offers many benefits, showcasing a property and its surrounding area from a birds-eye view.

With the growth of social media, it is more important now than ever before to promote quality content to attract attention from potential customers and gain a competitive advantage. Previously, aerial photography and videography could only be achieved using helicopters. Now, drones provide a cost-effective and easier alternative to capture high-quality shots which can be used to market a wide range of properties.


How Are Drones Used in Real Estate?

While drones are increasingly being used within a variety of industries including construction and agriculture, real estate was one of the first industries to widely adopt drones for marketing purposes.

Drones can be used to exhibit a property and its surrounding area from a range of unique perspectives. Key selling points of a property (such as a large garden) can be displayed in an impressive and memorable way. Aerial shots capture the scale of a property and its garden in a way that is not possible with standard photography, helping drive sales.


What Are The Benefits of Using Drones in Real Estate?

Drones help promote properties in dynamic ways, with benefits including:


1. Capture Impressive Visuals

Drones capture shots of a property from a range of unique perspectives. Using aerial imaging instead of standard photography can help a property stand out on the market. In an age where social media is full of eye-catching advertorial content, it is important to make your mark by creating dynamic and innovative content to generate interest and attract clients.


2. Highlight a Property’s Key Features

Drones exhibit a property’s features in a way that can’t be achieved using regular photos and videos. Aspects such as the breath-taking views, surrounding land and scenery can be shown to scale.

Drones can also be used inside large properties such as industrial units or warehouses to capture interior footage and give a virtual tour. In addition, 360° cameras such as the RICOH THETA ZI allow users to capture smooth and immersive 360° interactive videos to further bring a building to life for viewers.

Combining high-quality exterior imagery with interactive interior imaging serves to drive sales. Buildings that may look dull at ground level can be transformed by using aerial imaging.


3. Gain a Competitive Edge

Drones offer estate agents an affordable way to showcase their listings and make their property portfolios stand out. This provides your business with an advantage over competitors using ground-level photography and videography.

As drones are increasingly being used in the real estate industry, failure to incorporate drones into your property marketing can put your business at a disadvantage.


4. Cost-Effective

Though achieving a birds-eye view used to only be possible by using a helicopter, this is no longer the case. Hiring a drone pilot is a more affordable and simpler alternative to achieve high-quality footage. By capturing a versatile and impressive range of shots, the benefits gained balance out costs.



What Are The Best Drones for Property Marketing?

Your price range and priorities will determine what drone is most suitable for your needs. To best showcase a property, a drone must have a high-camera quality to ensure professional images are achieved. We recommend investing in a drone with at least a 4K camera to achieve professional level shots.

Drones that have an in-built gimbal will further ensure stable, vibration-free shots and improve image quality. Other features that are important to consider include a drone’s flight time and its transmission range.

So, with these in mind, what are the best drones for property marketing?


DJI Mavic Air 2

Drone-Sales: £744.00

DARe-3D Hire: £95 per week


Weight: 570g

Dimensions: 180x97x84 mm (folded); 183x253x77 mm (unfolded)

Flight Time: 34 minutes

Camera resolution: 12MP and 48MP

Video resolution: 4K/60fps

Max speed: 12m/s

Transmission range: 10km


With a 34-minute battery life, the DJI Mavic Air 2 is a solid choice of drone. The camera functions on this drone are impressive with the ability to capture 4K video at 60 fps. Furthermore, it has a 3-axis gimbal to prevent vibrations affecting your shots.

Its sturdy build means it can handle a few bumps but with the DJI Fly App, individuals can set fly perimeters to prevent any unfortunate accidents. Users can also zoom in to specific features without losing any quality with the drone’s 48-megapixel camera, making this a great choice of drone for property marketing.


DJI Mavic Mini 2

Drone-Sales: £414.00

DARe-3D Hire: £50 per week


Weight: 249g

Dimensions: 138x81x58 mm (folded); 159x203x56mm (unfolded)

Flight Time: 31 minutes

Camera resolution: 12MP

Video resolution: 4K/30fps

Max speed: 57.6km/h

Transmission range: 10km


The Mavic Mini 2 weighs in at under 250g with an impressive battery life of 31 minutes. This compact drone offers many advanced features found on more expensive models without the large price tag.

With a 12-megapixel camera and the ability to record 4K/30fps video, this drone captures extremely high-quality photos and videos. Furthermore, with a 3-axis gimbal, this drone ensures image quality is consistently smooth.

With a 10km video transmission range and level 5 wind resistance, the innovative specs of this drone coupled with its credible flying time makes this drone a great affordable choice for capturing high-quality footage to showcase a property.


Autel EVO II Pro Rugged Package

Drone-Sales: £1,530.00

DARe-3D Hire: £180 per week


Weight: 1150g

Flight Time: 40 minutes

Camera resolution: 20MP

Video resolution: 6K/30fps / 4K/60fps

Max speed: 20m/s

Transmission range: 9km


With the ability to shoot 6K video at 30 fps, no one can deny the video quality of the Autel EVO II Pro drone. Furthermore, its 20-megapixel camera allows for impressive aerial photography while its gimbal allows for complete control when capturing footage.

This drone’s capabilities extend beyond photography and videography with an impressive 40-minute flight time and a 12-sensor omnidirectional obstacle avoidance which helps the EVO II navigate itself around the environment in a safe way, allowing for stress-free flying.


DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo

Drone-Sales: £2,540.00

DARe-3D Hire: £130 per week


Weight: 895g

Dimensions: 221×96.3×90.3mm (folded without propellers); 347.5x283x107.7mm (unfolded without propellers)

Flight Time: 46 minutes

Camera resolution: 20MP

Video resolution: 5.1K/50fps

Max speed: 19m/s (S mode)

Transmission range: 15km


With a slogan of ‘Image Above Everything’, the DJI Mavic 3 sets a new standard for content creation. Not only does this foldable and transportable drone boast a 20-megapixel camera which captures clear, quality shots but also has video capabilities of 5.1K at 50fps and 4K at 120fps. This enables smoother footage, more generous cropping possibilities and 120fps slow-motion.

With exceptional camera performance, advanced flighting technologies and intelligent safety features, this drone is perfect for professional content creators and can showcase properties in an impressive way.



The introduction of drones within the real estate industry has transformed property marketing. With an increasing number of businesses turning to social media to advertise their products, it is more important than ever before to stand out from competitors who rely on standard photography. Drones capture impressive visuals which can be used to showcase properties and ultimately drive sales.

The team at DARe-3D are highly experienced in conducting drone services within the real estate industry. Get in touch today to find out more.

Alternatively, if you are a qualified drone pilot why not try our unique business-to-business drone hire? With over 20 drone packages and accessories available to rent from brands including DJI, Autel Robotics and Yuneec, this is an extremely affordable alternative to outright purchasing.

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