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Why Use DARe-3D

Based in Scotland, DARe-3D operate throughout the UK and overseas.

We cover many industry sectors including Construction, Oil & Gas, Renewables, Real Estate and Film & Media. Our services include inspections, photography & film, thermal imaging and security operations.

All our pilots are externally trained by approved training partners and we have been granted “Permission for Commercial Operations” by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

This means we are a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) and we are governed and regulated by the CAA. The Civil Aviation PfCO is mandatory for anyone flying drones for commercial use in the UK.

We are fully insured for all our drone operations.

What are your business hours?

Our business hours are generally worked around our clients and projects. Unless its a specific night project most of our flights will be done during daylight hours.

We will always arrive on-site at least 1 hour before any flight.

Can you operate in bad weather?

We do not fly in high winds or rain. An assessment will be made prior to flight.

We can fly in wind speeds up to 22mph. Our drones operate a very advanced camera gimbal system which ensures very smooth shots in winds of up to about 15 mph.

Our drones are capable of flying in light rain but any rain can spoil the results of the shots.

Our drones will fly in temperatures from around -10°c to 40°c.  If we are operating in very cold weather we will ensure  the battery packs are warmed and kept warm before the flight. It is important to note that flight times in extreme weather conditions can be reduced by 50% but we will discuss and agree a plan for this with you ahead of the mission.

We do have the ability to deploy a drone which is rated to IR45 and can operate in some extreme weather conditions including rain but this is used for specific missions if you are unsure please contact us and we can discuss this further.

What if the weather is bad on the day?

We monitor the weather forecast 5 days in advance of any shoot.

If the forecast is not good we will advise the client 48 hours prior to the flight.

If we both decide to stay with the day and we have bad weather, our pilots will wait on site as long as possible in the hope of a break in the weather, this is not uncommon in parts of the UK.

If we have to re-schedule a date because of weather, do not worry we will simply transfer the booking deposit to a new agreed date.

The weather is a known business risk in the UK so we will always be as flexible as possible to ensure that bookings can be rearranged.

Can you fly close to buildings and people?

Our CAA approval clearly defines where and how we can fly.

The main operational conditions for a small unmanned aircraft SUA are:

  • Maintaining a distance of 50m from people and property not in control of the pilot.
  • During take off and landing maintain a distance of 30m from people and property not in control of the pilot.
  • Permission of the landowner to take off and land.
  • Directly overhead or within a minimum distance of 150m from an open air assembly of over 1000 people.
  • Maximum height of 400ft above ground level.
  • Maintain visual line of sight of the SUA to a maximum distance of 500m.
  • During daylight hours, so that you can clearly see the SUA and take avoiding action from other air users if required.
  • Outside of controlled airspace.
  • Restrictions apply to certain areas of Central London and additional permissions to fly in these areas need to be sought from the CAA.
  • Restrictions and rules apply to flying near an airport and aerodrome.

We can also fly close to buildings and people when we have consent of the owner and the people in close proximity have been briefed and are under the control of the pilot.

This allows us to do close survey work of buildings, bridges, hotels and other structures.

Do you hire drones?

Yes, we do and our rates are extremely competative.

Please note we only rent drones to people who are CAA Approved pilots and we will require some documentation before getting you set up on our system but this is a straight forward process which is in the best interests of everyone.

Click our Hire a Drone tab for more information.

Do you operate overseas?

Yes, we do.

Although we are based in the UK we are very happy to work all over the World.

Our procedures for submitting an enquiry and fee quote are the same.

We do however, have a slightly different invoicing structure for overseas work and we require payment of all travel & accomodation within 24 hours of quotation acceptance and we require full cleared payment for the remaining balance at least 48 hours before our date of departure from the UK.